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11th July 2018

Surekha Aggarwal

Let me begin by saying. Thanks. The trip was fantastic. I loved the daily itinerary being sent. Liked the itinerary overall. Your recommendations for activities and restaurants were good! Everything worked out well and to our satisfaction. Thank you so much! - Surekha Aggarwal, Tuscany , March 2018

10th July 2018

Abbas and Zahra Khedwala

I can only say that I never regret planning trips with you guys and this was the best trip till date. A special thanks to DISHA DIWAN for planning this out and keeping us on a high every day at every destination. It was nothing short of exceptional.Spotting the aurora thrice felt like a miraculous thing for us in such a short duration. The itinerary was just perfectly planned and there wasnt a single glitch that we could spot to complain about. We were comforted in every place. Thank you so much team The Villa Escape for having us travel with you so effortlessly making life easier for us. - Lapland, January 2018.

The Villa Escape Scholarship 2017-18

At The Villa Escape, we believe that travel is life and Life is a book and those who don't travel read only one page!! We wish to extend & encourage students to travel, as traveling gives time to think, ideate, observe and learn new things - culture, food, history.

About Scholarship:

The scholarship program held by TheVilla Escape is open for all the students who are passionate about traveling.

For this scholarship, applicants need to make a personalizedtravel story (1000 words essay with images and/or video) of any destination where he/she has traveled, and the best one will be the awarded with 500$. 

There are no limits aside from your creativity for this. We are calling all college and university students who love to travel to apply.

The winner will be based on the quality of story. Read on to learn how to apply. If you don't know what to submit, there's plenty of time to make a new story with some new memories before you apply! Take out your camera and start learning; let the whole world know your story.

Scholarship Value: $500

USD $500 scholarship will be awarded to 1 student, chosen as winner by The Villa Escape judging panel.Students are free to use the scholarship amount towards any expense related to his/her educational pursuit.

Eligibility Criteria: 

All students over the age 18 years and are currently enrolled in any School/University across the world, for any course/program.

Application Process:

Step 1: Create anessay story (1000 words story, with images/video) of your favorite destination (where you have already been or planning to visit) & click images or video on camera/mobile. For images make sure they are original and clicked by you (not taken from internet). In case of video, make sure you clearly mention the destination's name and its location in the video.
Step 2: If you are submitting video, upload your video on YouTube or Vimeo. Video Title should be as follows - "(Destination name) - TheVilla Escape Scholarship Application 2017-18". Also tag the video with the tag - "The Villa Escape". Ensure the video is live and listed as public.
Step 3: Email the storyto us at scholarship@thevillaescape.com on or before 31th October 2018. In the subject line, include "TheVilla Escape Scholarship Application 2017-18".

Include the following details in the email:

Judging Criteria:

All applications will be reviewed by a panel constituted by the directors of TheVilla Escape.

Winner will be decided by majority vote of the panel.

Important Dates:

Application Dates - Applications can be submitted from 12:00 am (GMT) of 15th October 2017, up to 11:59 pm (GMT) of 31th October 2018.

Scholarship Award Declaration:

Winner of the scholarship will be announced, on 1stDecember2018 at 11:00 am (GMT) on the website of The Villa Escape. Winner will also be notified personally via the email ID provided by them.