Japan like a Local

The "Land of the Rising Sun" - Japan, is a country where the past meets the future. Japanese culture stretches back millennia, yet has also adopted (and created) the latest modern fashions and trends. Feel, sense, experience and absorb everything Japan has to offer. Unlike the usual guided tours, we will make you explore Japan like a local.

We would like to welcome you to Japan! Yokoso!


Geisha Entertainement in Tokyo

Spot a Geisha in Kyoto

Nara City in Japan

Get the perfect pictures in Nara

Maid Cafes Japan

Find out what 'Maid Cafes' are

Harajuku Distric in Japan

Visit the fashionable Harajuku district in your free time

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Experience how the Japanese love to have their tea

Japan Nightlife

Experience the exciting nightlife in Japan


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