Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland

Finnish Lapland is home to 200,000 reindeer, 183,000 people, 6 national parks and aurora activity which occur up to 200 nights per year, as well as a vast and expansive wilderness of everlasting beauty. In winter, snow blankets this splendid landscape, creating an alluring Arctic playground which simply calls out to be snowmobiled across, trampled on with snowshoes, skied upon and be pulled across by a team of eager huskies.

Most of us dream of a romantic night under the stars. But only a few are able to live it, and fewer live it in style. We offer you glass igloos in Finland that are straight out of your most romantic dream. They offer crystal clear view of the blue sky, unmarred by any pollution, glittering with numerous stars, while you are under a cozy blanket inside a glass igloo. And let’s not forget the surrounding snow that makes the whole experience more ethereal.

Everyone knows that the one and only, Santa, comes from Finland. What some people don’t know, however, is about the possibility to him in person all year round. As we all know, Santa’s annual mission is to deliver happiness around the world with the help of his team of furry reindeer friends. Santa’s official office, situated on the mysterious Arctic Circle, is open to one and all. Open on all days, children and adults can visit Santa’s office, enjoy a private chat with him and revel in the enchanted atmosphere. Don’t pass up the invitation!

Setting off in a snowmobile with temperatures of 30 below zero is surely an experience to last a lifetime along with Northern Lights Finland. As you start your expedition past the frozen river onto the wide snow covered expanse you get used to the feel of handling a snowmobile. The snowmobiles are powerful, needing only the most delicate nudge of the throttle to get you going, and if you really open it up, they really roar along. The heated handle bars surely keep you warm in the chilling low temperatures.

The thrill of witnessing the Northern Lights in Finland is an experience topping the bucket list of many. The blazing colors in the sky are a once-in-a-lifetime experience which one can never get enough of. In the Finnish Lapland, the powerful phenomenon of the dancing lights is visible on about every other clear night in the months between September to March. However, in Southern Finland, they are visible on fewer nights. Being one of the best places to spot the Aurora, Finland has even received immigration because of them.

Experience the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights in Finland) which has been a source of many myths in Finland - our favorite one being of the magical fox who causes the lights by sweeping his tail across the snow and spraying it up into the sky. Northern Lights Finland is definitely one of the most breathtaking experiences one could ever have. 

Have an enchanting winter experience as you witness Mother Nature paint the sky with different hues of green and pink!


Highlights of the Northern Lights Finland trip

Northern Lights Finland

Stay in Finland Northern Lights Glass Igloo

Northern Lights In Finland

Meet the big man himself and his Elves: Tricky Dicky, Speedy Sam, Snowy Bowy and Noisy Nod!

Northern Lights Finland

Snow mobile over the Frozen River

Northern Lights In Finland

Enjoy your time with the playful husky and the gentle reindeer

Northern Lights Finland

Experience the Northern Lights and many other hidden surprises including the Finland Northern Lights Igloo. 

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