Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland

Experience the Aurora Borealis which has been a source of many myths in Finland - our favourite one being of the magical fox who causes the lights by sweeping his tail across the snow and spraying it up into the sky…

Have an enchanting winter experience as you witness Mother Nature paint the sky with different hues of green and pink!


Highlights of the trip

Glass Igloos

Stay in Glass Igloo

Meet the big man himself in Santa Claus’ Village

Meet the big man himself and his Elves: Tricky Dicky, Speedy Sam, Snowy Bowy and Noisy Nod!

Snow mobile Ride

Snow mobile over the Frozen River

Reindeer and Husky Ride

Enjoy your time with the playful husky and the gentle reindeers

Northern Light

Experience the Northern Lights and many other hidden surprises

Trip Schedule

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