Suchna and Yogi share a common passion for travel and believe in experiencing a destination rather than just ticking it off a list. With their in-depth knowledge, having travelled the world over, and an equally passionate team, The Villa Escape creates luxury experiences to ensure each journey with us is memorable... just the way it should be.

Our personal touch, 24/7 approachability and enthusiasm right from the first connect is something we pride ourselves on.

We specialise in new upcoming destinations before they become the flavour of the season. Cuba, Malta, Portugal, Mongolia are some of the gems waiting to be discovered.

Come enjoy the art of Slow travel - The Villa Escape way.

Meet The Team

Our team members love to travel, explore new places and share their insights with our clients. Meet our team members whose expertise and knowledge will ensure that your holiday is in safe hands.

Mallika Iyer - Senior Operations Executive

Mallika suffers from travelomania and would jump over to every chance that allows her to travel, be it even the Bermuda triangle! She pursues baking as a passion by creating the yummiest cakes for her colleagues. Planning your trip is a mini trip (Hop Skip Jump to travel destinations) for her, as she travels through the roads of your destination virtually!

"Whether or not a particular destination has been on your bucket list, I'd say you need to go for it! Just the experience of traveling is exhilarating, and the backdrop of your destination will make it completely worth it!"

Vinodini Sunder - Senior Operations Executive

Vinodini Sunder is a qualified Chartered Accountant who took the leap to pursue her passion for travel and to spread wanderlust among everyone she meets.  She believes in travelling like a local that enables one to soak in all the flavours of a place. She aspires to travel to lesser-explored destinations as well and seeks to fill her travels with spunk, adventure, and wonder with a sprinkle of soul-searching.

"Travel is a liberating feeling - to just BE. To travel is to break free from your inhibitions and notions and let a place and its people "wow" you. To reflect upon how a destination touches you, moves you and enriches you. Travel with us and be assured to have the best time of your life!"

Simony Kamdar - Senior Operations Executive

A digger for monstrous roller coasters, Simony is not only a daredevil but also a perfectionist. Even while multitasking several itineraries and destinations, she'll ensure every little detail is paid attention to. Her love for travel has taken her places, but her most memorable experience has been chasing the Northern Lights - 4 times in one week! Speak to her and you'll know that this girl has got your holiday hacked to perfection!

"You don't need magic to disappear. All you need is a Destination!"

Harsha Hariharan Iyer - Operations Executive

Meet Harsha, who is in LOVE with Norway! She is a unicorn (and has a personality to go with it), loves manga, anime, zombies (what?), everything sparkly and an abundance of hot chocolate and the classic filter kaapi. Harsha is a foodie and believes the best way to explore a place, understand its people and culture is through its delicious local cuisine. She has been lucky enough to see the Aurora Borealis in Tromso twice and Japan is next on her wishlist!

"To me, travel is not about the destination but all about the journey right from the moment you think to take the trip to actually flying off, meeting people, numerous unplanned and serendipitous moments and just being!"

Joyti Solanki - Accounts and Operations Executive

Joyti Solanki is a giant force in a tiny package coupled with a Halo of fuzzy hair around her. Her smile is contagious and her brain doesn't ever stop working. Completing multiple tasks at super fast speed is her forte. Her love for travel drives her every day. An irreplaceable person, she spreads Joy wherever she goes.

"What I love most about this crazy life is the adventure of it"

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