Northern Lights in Norway

Norway is a country in Scandinavia encompassing mountains, glaciers and deep coastal fjords. Tromsø is a city in northern Norway and a major cultural hub above the Arctic Circle. It'known as a viewing point for the Northern Lights that sometimes light up the night sky.

There's more to Tromso than just the Northern Lights Tromso . Apart from having the Northern most micro brewery, it has more pubs and cafes per square then most of the top notch cities.

Commonly known as the "Paris of the North", this is the perfect destination to experience Nordic cuisine and culture along with the Northern Lights in Norway.

Tromso's Lyngen Alps also has amazing ski slopes. The Norway Northern Lights are a must watch in the months of October to March. 

The Northern Lights in Norway are considered to be one of the most phenomenal experiences you don't want to miss!

Highlights of the Tromso Northern Lights trip include :

- The Lyngen Alps : are a mountain range in northeastern Tromso, Norway. Here, you can try your hand at snowmobiling aka skidoos'.

- Whale watching : The Norwegian fjords just north of Tromsø are probably the best place on the planet to watch killer whales in the wild. Be a part of this most popular type of nature experiences on this planet.

- Husky sled ride : Norway is ideal for husky sled rides with vast expanses of wilderness and a long winter season. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Norway on a husky sledding adventure!

- Get up close with reindeer : Reindeer and people have a special connection that is thousands of years old in what is today called Norway. The annual reindeer migration across Norway is a spectacle of nature.

- Skiing in Norway : Norway is known as the inventor of the world's first relatively stable ski binding along with Northern Lights Norway and often credited as the big pioneer of modern skiing. Skiing like a Norwegian can be deeply rooted in traditions and rituals. Or you can forget all about that, and just focus on the adrenaline rush.

Trip Dates :

Start DateEnd Date
6th November 201910th November 2019
26th December 201930th December 2019
27th January 202031st January 2020
20th February 202024th February 2020
13th March 202017th March 2020

Highlights of Trip

Northern Lights Finland

Get introduced to the Sami Culture

Northern Lights Finland

Tick this off your bucket list!

Northern Lights Finland

Ride your snowmobiles to the great Lyngen Alps for a Norwegian Arctic experience

Northern Lights Finland

Go whale watching and get a sneak peek at the gentle giants of the sea

Northern Lights Finland

Go on a husky sled ride

Northern Lights Finland

Enjoy Reindeer sledging..

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